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Toro 51619 vs 51621: Which Leaf Blower is Better?

Toro 51619 vs 51621

While leaves may typically mess up our gardens in fall, many of us seem to find our outdoor areas a constant disaster area. Nobody has the time to rack and sweep. This is where an electric leaf blower comes into play. Toro has a range of garden tools and in particular, leaf blowers. Today, we will be going over the two high-end leaf blowers, the Toro 51619 vs 51621 Ultra Plus. Our article will cover their uses, abilities, appearance, and accessories. We will go over the specifics of the Toro 51619 and the Toro 51621 as well as considering their value for money.

Toro 51619 vs 51621 – Similarities

These two leaf blowers have a few premium similarities.

Power – Air Speed

These Toro Electric leaf blowers have a 12amp motor; the most powerful Toro has available. They have air speed power of up to 250mph; again, this is the maximum air speed that a Toro leaf blower can have. Both models have a controller for variable speed. The variable speed works for both blower and vac mode.


The Toro 51619 and the Toro 51621 are 3-in-1 machines. They can blow leaves, vacuum leaves, and shred the leaves. Both have an easy release latch to switch from electric blower to vacuum. They will work on wet and dry leaves, debris, and depending on the size, sticks. There are variable speeds with both the blow function and the vacuum function.


When looking at buying a leaf blower, you want to consider the CFM or cubic feet per minute. The larger the CFM, the more suitable it is for bigger areas. Most homeowners with an average-sized ##garden will look for a leaf vacuum mulcher with a CFM of between 200 and 400.

The Toro 51619 and the Toro 51621 in blow mode have a CFM of 350. In vacuum mode, the CFM is 410. This is enough to greatly reduce your cleaning time.

Improved Impellers

The impeller is the part that attaches to the motor and increases the flow of air. Other Toro leaf blows have a plastic impeller. These two electric leaf blowers from Toro have a metal impeller. This improves power and mulching.

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Video Comparison




Let’s now concentrate on how the Toro 51619 and the Toro 51621 differ.

Differences Between Toro 51619 and 51621

Toro 51619 vs 51621 – Appearance

The general look of a leaf blower is going to be the same. There is a vacuum hose, which attaches to the motor compartment, a handle, and a power cord. The color and size will vary from brand to brand.

Toro 51621 comparison

Toro 51619

The body of this leaf blower is a strong red color with black attachments. The handle is large and the power cord comes out of the back of the machine. It is 9 x 41 x 14 inches and weighs 8.5 pounds.

Toro 51621

In terms of looks, it’s exactly the same. The only noticeable difference is the Ultra Plus name instead of the Ultra name on the Toro 51619. The leaf blower vacuum tube is slightly longer, making the overall dimensions 9 x 45 x 14 inches. It weighs a fraction more at 8.9 pounds.

The Winner Is- A Tie

Toro 51619 vs 51621 – Clearing the Mulched Debris

Toro 51619 comparison

All of the debris that you vacuum up gets chopped and squashed into a bag. Ideally, you want to be able to collect the most amount of debris and leaves possible without having to keep emptying the bag.

Toro 51619

The debris and leaves that get vacuumed into the bag will get mulched. The leaf mulcher on the Toro Ultra Blower Vac will mulch 88% of the leaves to less than ½ an inch.

Toro 51621

The Toro 51621 Ultraplus has the same power but it will reduce 97% of the mulched leaves into less than ½ an inch.

The Winner Is- The Toro 51621

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Toro 51619 vs 51621 – Accessories

There are a lot of different accessories that come with a leaf blower; this will also depend on the brand. You may receive bags, nozzles, or even earplugs.

Toro 51621 Review

Toro 51621

Toro 51619

You will receive the vacuum tube, a bottom-zip bag, a concentrator nozzle, and a cord storage hook. On top of this, there is a power insert that allows you to vacuum wet leaves.

Toro 51621

As with the Toro 51619, it comes with a vacuum tube, a bottom-zip bag, a concentrator nozzle, a cord storage hook, and a power insert. Additionally, you will receive an oscillating nozzle. This sweeps the air back and forth, creating a wider clearing path. There is also has a shred-all-shred ring.

The Winner Is- The Toro 51621

Value For Money

Toro 51619 Review

Toro 51619

Because there are so many buying options (motor power, size, mulching capability, etc.) it’s hard to put an average price on an electric leaf blower. You can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to over $150.

Toro 51619

It’s a great price, sitting towards the lower end of the average. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.

Toro 51521

Naturally, you would expect it to be more pricey for the extras that come with it, however, it is not that much more expensive than the Toro 51619. It also has a 2-year warranty.

The Winner Is-A Tie

Pros and Cons

In case you still have doubts between the Toro 51619 and the Toro 51621, we have listed some of the pros and cons of the two leaf blowers before we offer our final verdict.

Toro 51619

Toro 51619


  • It will pick up small sticks from flowerbeds without causing any damage to your plants
  • The speed control knob allows for great flexibility in blowing and vacuuming
  • Plenty of power to blow leaves, sticks and even acorns and pin needles that get lodged in the grass


  • It may clog up when you are vacuuming a lot of wet leaves

Toro 51621

Toro 51621


  • It does an excellent job at shredding leaves into very small amounts
  • It handles wet leaves much better and there is less clogging
  • It’s a very durable leaf blower


  • The easy release latch to switch from vacuum to blower isn’t that easy

The Final Verdict

One thing that is definitely worth bearing in mind is the size difference. The Toro 51621 is 4 inches longer and therefore may not be the best option if you are short. If you are tall, vice versa, the Toro 51619 may cause you to lean over when cleaning your garden.

That being said, it doesn’t affect the ability of the machines. It was a difficult decision, but in the end, we went for the Toro 51621. While the power is the same and both will do a brilliant job, the extras made enough of a difference to give this electric leaf blower the winning edge.

We did notice that the Toro 51621 did a better job of things other than leaves. It made it more versatile and better suited for a range of gardens. It also reduced a lot more the debris and leaves into a smaller amount. We felt this was an advantage for those with bigger gardens or more trees. The oscillating nozzle made the process a bit faster too.

If you want to save a bit of money, the Toro 51619 will definitely make your gardening easier and more enjoyable. But considering the leaf blower will last a good while, it’s worth investing a little extra and buying the Toro 51621.

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