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CR2025 vs CR2016 Button Batteries: Full Comparison, Features, Equivalents

CR2025 VS CR2016

Just like other batteries in the CR series, CR2025 and CR2016 are button batteries that seem very similar in many respects. By comparing the CR2025 vs CR2016, we’ll see if the two are interchangeable, and what their differences are.

Button batteries are used in many small portable electronic devices. A few examples are:

  • Calculators
  • Watches
  • Remote controls
  • Car key fobs
  • Thermometers
  • Hearing aids
  • Tea light candles

The CR2025 and CR2016 are both small single cell batteries with a squat cylinder shape.

Here we will compare the main specs, voltage, thickness, chemistry, and other features of CR2025 and CR2016 batteries. These two button cells are very similar. For instance they have the same diameter of 20 mm, so they can fit in the same device battery compartment. Nevertheless, some differences exist between the two.

First here’s a concise table comparing the two batteries. After that we’ll explain how each feature in the table affects the batteries.

CR2025 vs CR2016 Batteries Comparison

  CR2025 CR2016
Capacity 165 mAh 90 mAh
Voltage 3 V 3 V
Thickness 2.5 mm 1.6 mm
Rechargeable Not rechargeable Not rechargeable

mAh is (one-thousandth of an ampere-hour)


Cr2025 batteries

The capacity of a button or coin cell battery indicates the number of charges the coin battery can hold.

The higher the capacity of the button battery, the longer the battery will last. The capacity of the battery is dependent on the amount of active material in the button cell.


The CR2025 has a capacity of 165 mAh. This figure is a measure of electric power over time. Most portable electronic devices that use this type of battery require very little electrical power to work.

So assuming you’re using this battery on a device that requires 5mA, this battery will last for over 33 hours, that’s over one and a half days.


The CR2016 has a battery capacity of 90 mAh . When you make use of this battery on a device that requires 5 mAh, the battery will last for 18 hours, so less than a day.

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The voltage of a battery simply means how much potential is in the battery. But don’t confuse the voltage of a button battery to mean the measure of energy.


The CR2025 battery has a potential of 3 V.


The CR2016 battery has a potential of 3 V.


Cr2016 button battery thickness graph

What differentiates most button batteries is their thickness or diameter.

For a typical CR series battery, you can get the thickness of the battery from the last two digits of the name in a tenth of a millimeter.


The CR2025 battery has a thickness of 2.5 mm.


The Thickness of a CR2016 battery is 1.6 mm.

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Recharging a battery is achieved by reversing the flow of current through the cell.


The CR2025 is a disposable battery and is not a rechargeable battery.


The CR2016 is also a disposable battery and not a rechargeable battery.



Depending on various factors, the CR2025 and CR2016 button batteries can be replaced with other types of batteries. Those factors include button chemistry, voltage, and dimensions (thickness and diameter). Following are the equivalents of CR2025 and CR2016 batteries by different firms.


CR2016 and CR2032 batteries are interchangeable and can replace a CR2025 battery as long as they fit in your device. Otherwise, all three are 20 mm thick and have the same voltage. The only difference is thickness, which differs x2 between the CR2032 battery and CR2016 (3.2 mm and 1.6 mm), while both are more likely to be suitable equivalents to CR2025.

The direct equivalents to CR2025 button batteries by other brands are DL2025 (Duracell), ECR2025 (Energizer), CR2025 (Kodak, Maxell, Rayovac, Sony).


Additionally to the above information, equivalents of CR2016 are DL2016 (Duracell), ECR2106 (Energizer), CR2016 (Kodak, Maxell, Rayovac, Sony).


Battery Organizer Storage Case with Tester


Both batteries have the same 20mm diameter and are 3V, so in theory, they are interchangeable.

However, they have different thicknesses. The CR2016 is 1.6 mm thick and the CR2025 is 2.5 mm thick.

The increased thickness of the CR2025 would prevent it from seating properly and therefore would not be a suitable replacement.

We hope that this has been an informative read. Please continue reading our other related posts in this series.



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