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Cowin e7 vs e7 Pro: Which Noise Cancelling Headphone is Better?

Cowin e7 vs e7 Pro

Everybody deserves a quality set of headphones. If you go back a couple of decades, headphones were only for listening to music. Thanks to today’s modern technology, headphones can be used for multiple tasks, and most importantly, keeping your hands free for other jobs.

Our aim today is to take a close look at the Cowin e7 vs e7 Pro. We will cover their style, features, and functions. We will talk about their similarities and differences and place all of the specifications in a comparison chart and add some pros and cons.

There are more similarities than differences so this is where we will begin.

Cowin e7 vs e7 Pro – Similarities

Quick Glance

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Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

The main feature of the Cowin e7 and the Cowin e7 Pro is that they both have advanced noise cancellation technology. This allows for external noise to be greatly reduced while offering a cleaner listening experience with an amazing deep accurate bass response. You will notice the difference in the background noise of airplanes, office noise, or even traffic.


You can use the Cowin e7 and the Cowin e7 Pro with a cable or in wireless mode, in both modes you can use the ANC. You will also be able to connect via a powerful 4.0 Bluetooth connection.

COWIN E7 Pro Review

Built-in Microphone

With the built-in microphone in the Cowin e7 and the Cowin e7 Pro, you will be able to enjoy hands-free calls. This, on top of the wireless mode, means you can truly experience freedom with your headphones.

Playback Time

Both the Cowin e7 and the Cowin e7 Pro have an impressive battery. When fully charged, you will have over 30 hours of music playtime or talk time in Bluetooth mode and ANC. The batteries take approximately 4 hours to fully charge.


On the headset of the Cowin e7 and the Cowin e7 Pro, you have the control buttons. You can answer calls, turn the ANC on/off, and control the volume.

What’s Included

The Cowin e7 and the Cowin e7 Pro come with an audio cable, a micro USB cable, a travel bag (although the Cowin e7 Pro comes with a hard travel case), and an 18-month warranty.

Even when looking at the differences, there are still things the Cowin e7 and the Cowin e7 Pro have in common.

Differences Between Cowin e7 and Cowin e7 Pro


COWIN E7 Comparison

Both headphones are black with soft skin texture and 90º swiveling earcups. The size of the headphones is also the same at 6.5 x 3.6 x 7.1 inches.

Cowin e7

You have a range of colors to choose from; black, blue, green, purple, red, and white. They come with proprietary 40mm large-aperture drivers and they have skin texture so you can wear them in comfort for a long time. They weigh 13.6 ounces.

Cowin e7 Pro

You have the same color options with the extra option of pink. The large aperture drivers are now 45mm and the skin texture has been upgraded to include soft ear cushions. They weigh less at just 10.6 ounces.

The Winner Is- The Cowin e7 Pro

Near Field Communication

COWIN E7 Review

This is an alternative method to connect your headphones to your mobile or other devices. Generally speaking, your device has to be within closer proximity than Bluetooth.

Cowin e7

Aside from connecting with the provided cable and via Bluetooth, the Cowin e7 has NFC.

Cowin e7 Pro

These headphones do not come with NFC.

The Winner Is- The Cowin e7

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ANC Capability

COWIN E7 Pro Comparison

There is only a very slight difference, but it is said that even 1 decibel is enough to notice the difference.

Cowin e7

This has a noise reduction rate of 28db

Cowin e7 Pro

You will now notice a noise reduction depth of 30db.

The Winner Is- The Cowin e7 Pro

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Pros and Cons

Prior to giving our final verdict, we will list a few pros and cons of the Cowin e7 and the Cowin e7 Pro.

Cowin e7



  • The headphones are good value for money
  • The noise cancellation works really well on public transport
  • Above-average sound quality, including when the ANC is on


  • The control buttons need some redesigning

Cowin e7 Pro

  • The Bluetooth range is fantastic
  • The quality of the materials is better, they feel very comfortable
  • Amazing battery life


  • The control buttons seem to be even worse

The Final Verdict

The only real downfall of both the Cowin e7 and the Cowin e7 Pro is the fact that the control buttons are not of the best quality and they are awkwardly positioned, so this didn’t affect our decision, and it wasn’t enough to deter us from either of the headphones.

There are a few other things that were also so similar that we didn’t feel it swayed our decision. The wireless mode is reliable and easy to use, the built-in microphone was good and both the Cowin e7 and the Cowin e7 Pro were very comfortable to wear.

Finally, we chose the Cowin e7 Pro. This set was just a few dollars more expensive, but it was definitely worth it. Aside from the additional pink set, you also have better noise cancellation and larger aperture drivers. This set also weighs less than the Cowin e7, which made them more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Really, even the fact that they come with a hard case rather than a bag makes them worth the extra, small cost.

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