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Intex Mariner 4 vs Intex Excursion 4: Which Inflatable Boat is Better?

Intex Mariner vs Excursion

Time on the water is a perfect way to disconnect from the stress of life and create memories with family and friends. While purchasing a first-class yacht isn’t in everyone’s budget, an inflatable boat most certainly is. In this post, we are going to compare the Intex Mariner 4 vs Intex Excursion 4. We will compare the differences in their capacity, features, and ease of use. We will look at which boat has a higher value for the money and some pros and cons of each. All of the specifics will be put in a comparison chart and we will round up with our final verdict.

We will start with how the Intex Mariner 4 and the Intex Excursion 4 are similar.

intex mariner 4 boat

Intex Mariner 4 boat displayed


intex excursion 4 boat with oars

Intex Excursion 4 boat with oars



Intex Mariner 4 vs Intex Excursion 4 – Similarities

Quick Glance

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Seating Capacity

Intex has plenty of buying options for both the Mariner and the Excursion. For today’s article, we are going to concentrate on the Intex Mariner and Intex Excursion which both seat 4 people.

The Oars

The Intex Mariner and the Intex Excursion have welded rotational oar locks and oar holders. They come with 54-inch deluxe aluminum oars.


Inflation and deflation of the Intex Mariner and the Intex Excursion are incredibly fast and easy thanks to the four Boston valves.

Grab Line and Grab Handles

Around the entire circumference of the Intex Mariner and the Intex Excursion, there is a nylon grab line. You will also find grab handles on both sides of the hull.

Extra Features

The Intex Mariner and the Intex Excursion have built-in fishing rod holders and motor mount fittings. You will find a handy gear pouch too. Along with the 54-inch deluxe aluminum oars, you will also receive a repair patch kit and an Intex high-output manual hand pump.

intex mariner 4 boat bag

Intex Mariner 4 gear pouch

With the similarities in mind, we will now turn out attention to how the Intex Mariner and the Intex Excursion differ.


Differences Between Intex Mariner 4 and Intex Excursion 4


Intex Excursion Review

While they are both inflatable boats and look as you would expect, they don’t look the same.

Intex Mariner

This boat is grey with a red rim around the outer edge. When inflated, it measures 129 x 57 x 19 inches. It weighs 91lbs. The Intex Mariner has 3 inflatable seats.

Intex Excursion

It is also grey, but it has a blue outer rim instead of the red. It is 124 x 65 x 17 inches, so there isn’t a noticeable difference. On the other hand, it weighs a lot less at 48lbs. This boat has 2 inflatable seats, one front-facing, and the other rear-facing.

The Winner Is- The Intex Excursion

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Intex Mariner Review

Intex has used quality materials for both of these inflatable boats and they have been built to last. Both are resistant to damage from sunlight.

Intex Mariner

This is the latest model made with a strong molecular 3-ply structure. The first layer is a polyester mesh and the second two layers are heavy-gauge PVC. The floor is heavy duty extruding plastic. It is resistant to abrasions and impacts.

Intex Excursion

The Excursion is made of rugged vinyl and is puncture resistant. It has an I-beam floor for added strength.

The Winner Is- The Intex Mariner

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The Keel

Intex Mariner Comparison

The keel runs under the boat and will help to provide stability.

Intex Mariner

The keel of the Intex Mariner is inflatable. This makes the boast easier to handle and control.

Intex Excursion

The is no information about a keel, the base appears to be flat.

The Winner Is- The Intex Mariner

Weight Capacity

Intex Excursion Comparison

It is highly recommendable to follow the instructions with both of the inflatable boats, particularly when it comes to weight capacity.

Intex Mariner

The maximum weight capacity is 880 pounds.

Intex Excursion

At just a little less, the weight capacity is 725lbs.

The Winner Is- The Intex Mariner

Pros and Cons

Finally, some pros and cons for the Intex Mariner and the Intex Excursion to help with your buying decision.

Intex Mariner

Intex Mariner


  • The excellent handle of the boat thanks to the inflatable keel
  • There are lots of modifications available
  • The plastic is of good quality


  • The oarlocks need to be improved and better positioned

Intex Excursion

Intex Excursion


  • Incredible value for money
  • The seating is more sociable, people don’t have their backs to each other
  • It only takes about 10 minutes to inflate


  • The oars should be longer
intex excursion 4 original box

Intex Excursion 4 original box


intex excursion 4 original box features

Intex Excursion 4 original box features


intex excursion 4 original box diagram

Intex Excursion 4 original box diagram

The Final Verdict

Our decision came down to what you plan to use the boat for. The materials used for each are good quality, the extras like the fishing rod holders are ideal, and both are easy to inflate and set up. In terms of size, you will comfortably fit 4 people in each of them.

There is a massive difference in the price. The Intex Mariner 4 is nearly double the cost of the Intex Excursion 4, nevertheless, it is still very good value for money. We felt that if you are planning to use your inflatable boat on rougher waters and you know you are going to use it a lot, then the Intex Mariner is a brilliant choice.

Overall though, we felt the Intex Excursion was the better inflatable boat. It is a great size for all of the family to enjoy. It is well made with the same great features as the Intex Mariner, but you will save yourself a few dollars. It may not matter to some, but the seats made all the difference for us.

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