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Big Mable vs Super Mable: Which Towable Tube is Better?

Big Mable vs Super Mable

As temperatures start to improve, we are imagining fun ways to enjoy our summer.

Water entertainment is certainly one thing that most of us have in mind.

SportsStuff has a huge range of water sports products from pool loungers to paddle boards.

Today, we are going to take a look at two of the towable tubes from SportsStuff.

We are going to look at the Big Mable vs Super Mable. The towable tubes from SportsStuff are large inflatable rides that can be attached to boats and ridden.

They are both bright red with yellow features, so not only will you have fun you will also do it in style.

In the first place, we will discuss how the Big Mable and the Super Mable compare. We will look at the similarities and differences, starting with what the two have in common.

Big Mable vs Super Mable – Similarities

Quick Glance

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The Big Mable and the Super Mable are made from double-stitched, heavy-duty nylon. The bladders of the two towable tubes are K80 PVC.

They have Eva foam seating pads so that you can enjoy a comfortable ride. On top of that, there are plenty of double webbed foam handles and knuckle guards.

Tube Shapes

There is a large backrest with the Big Mable and the Super Mable. This can also be used as a front riser depending on the position you want to use them in.

They both have air-cushioned sidewalls.

Tow Points

You will be able to tow the Big Mable and the Super Mable from the front or the rear with their dual tow points.

They have Kwik Connects so you only have to thread the tow rope through the middle of the Kwik Connect, slide it over the ends and it will lock in place.


The Big Mable and the Super Mable have SportsStuff patented speed safety valve. It has one-way inflation; you won’t lose air when you are replacing the cap.

The valves have a double safety lock. To deflate it, you only have to take the cap off.


If you decide on the Big Mable or the Super Mable, you will receive a limited one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Video (just for fun!)

Spoiler Alert!–Girls wipe out at 2 minutes and 32 seconds!

Now that we have covered the similarities, we will now turn our focus to how the Big Mable and the Super Mable are different.

Differences Between Big Mable and Super Mable


While they are both red and yellow with the large backrest/front riser, they are quite different in their sizes.

 Big Mable

When inflated, the Big Mable is 69 x 66 inches. It weighs 10 pounds.

Big Mable Review

Super Mable

Like the larger model, the Super Mable is 78 x 79 inches when inflated. It weighs a lot more at 20 pounds.

Super Mable Review



The Winner Is- A Tie

Riding Capacities

differences between Big Mable and Super Mable

While both are suitable for just one person, t’s much more fun being able to ride the towable tubes with friends.

Big Mable

It is suitable for 1-2 riders. The maximum weight is recommended at 340 pounds in total.

Super Mable

This is designed for 1-3 riders. Here, the maximum weight is 510 pounds.

The Winner Is- The Super Mable

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of the Big Mable and the Super Mable before we offer our final verdict.

Big Mable

Big Mable


  • Lightweight so most people will be able to carry it by themselves
  • Great fun regardless of the water conditions
  • It is very easy to inflate and connect


  • It tends to deflate when you are using it, you have to make sure it’s inflated as much as possible

Super Mable

Super Mable


  • There is enough room for 4 adults as long as you aren’t going over the weight limit
  • It is stable and you feel safe when riding on it
  • The tow rope is very sturdy


  • The handles need to be stronger

The Final Verdict

There is one important thing to mention first. It is necessary for you to store both the Big Mable and the Super Mable indoors, or at least out of the sun. It is also important that they are both dry before you store them. Long-time exposure to the sun will cause wear and tear.

If you choose the Big Mable or the Super Mable, you are going to have tons of fun. They are well-built and have excellent features to keep you safe while you enjoy yourself. We liked how there were handles in multiple positions so you can hold on when riding it rear or front-facing.

The Big Mable and the Super Mable are designed and made in the same way. They have the same patented speed safety valve for easy inflation and deflation, Kwik Connect for rear or front towing, and materials. The real difference comes down to the size. The Super Mable is double the weight and costs around $60 more. For this reason, you need to make sure that you really are going to make use of the extra number of riders. If not, we recommend the Big Mable. It’s great fun, fantastic value for money and it can be enjoyed by all of the family.

While having fun with water recreation activities like Big Mable and Super Mable tubing, be sure to always keep a watchful eye on safety.

Read about a variety of water safety tips here.

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