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LG 3370 vs 3570: Which Washing Machine Is Better?

LG 3370 vs 3570

If you think of the good old days when people had to take their washing down to the river and scrub clothes over a wooden washer, it makes you appreciate the everyday washing machines we have today. Then, when you consider the latest technology that is integrated, they are modern marvels for the busy home.

We are going to compare all of the specifics of the LG 3370 vs 3570. After, we will include a comparison chart for a quick view and follow up with some pros and cons. Finally, we will offer our final verdict on the LG 3370 and the LG 3570.

There are a couple of features that are identical, so we will take a look at these first.

LG 3370 vs 3570 – Similarities

Quick Glance

The following comparison chart will quickly review the key features of the LG 3370 vs. LG 3570.

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Washing Machine Capacity

The LG 3370 and the LG 3570 both have a 4.3 cubic foot capacity. This is larger than average and can handle approximately 20 pounds of laundry.


The revolutions per minute explain how fast a washing machine spins. The average front-loading washing machines have between 600 and 1200 rpm, whereas the LG 3370 and the LG 3570 have 1300 rpm.

Temperature and Soil Settings

You will be able to choose between 5 temperature settings with the LG 3370 and the LG 3570. On top of that, there are 5 soil settings so that you can select the right setting depending on how dirty the items are.

Adjustable Water Levels

Both the LG 3370 and the LG 3570 will automatically detect the load of laundry and adjust the water levels accordingly. As well as saving water, you can benefit from the Energy Star that both carry.


There are 11 options in total with the LG 3370 and the LG 3570. You can choose from prewash, rinse and spin, delay wash, water plus, extra rinse, child lock, cold wash, signal on/off, steam, Freshcare, and custom program.

True Balance Anti-Vibration

Equipped with True Balance Anti-Vibration, you will notice much quieter operation with the LG 3370 and the LG 3570.

Color Options

The LG 3370 and the LG 3570 is available in graphite steel and white. They are also stackable, so you can match them with your other LG appliances.


There is a 1-year limited warranty on parts with the LG 3370 and the LG 3570. The direct-drive motors have a 10-year limited warranty, while the drums have a limited lifetime warranty.

Now we will take a quick look at how the two LG front-loading washing machines are different.

Differences Between LG 3370 and LG 3570


LG 3370

Both look like modern washing machines with the tray to the left, a dial-knob in the center and an LED display to the right.

LG 3370

This washing machine is 27 x 39 x 30 inches. It weighs 134 pounds.

LG 3570

It is just a fraction smaller at 27 x 29.75 x 38.68 inches but weighs 136 pounds.

The Winner Is- A Tie

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LG 3570 Review

As well as the options previously mentioned, they both have a number of programs to choose from.

LG 3370

There are 9 programs in total; cotton/normal, bulky/large, Perm. Press, Delicates, Speed wash, sanitary, Allergiene, Tub clean, and Download/Small.

LG 3570

You will find the same programs as the LG3370 plus 3 extras, heavy-duty, bright whites, and towels.

The Winner Is- The LG 3570


Advanced Technology

LG 3570

Every feature helps when it comes to making laundry easier.

LG 3370

Apart from the technology and features, we have mentioned, there are no additional features.

LG 3570

It comes with TurboWash Technology which automatically kicks in when you choose a normal wash cycle. There is also 6 Motion Technology, which will change the motion of the drum (or combine motions) to suit the type of clothes in the machine.

The Winner Is- The LG 3570

Pros and Cons

And finally, a few pros and cons of the LG washing machines.

LG 3370


  • Nice control panel with easy to understand settings
  • It can wash anything with the cycles and capacity, great on the sanitizer cycles
  • You can save a lot of water


  • The machine needs to be perfectly balanced

LG 3570


  • It washes clothes quickly and quietly
  • The design makes it very easy to use
  • Excellent spin on every cycle


  • In some cases, it doesn’t dissolve all of the detergents

Video Comparison

LG 3370

LG 3570

The Final Verdict

Both the LG 3370 and the LG 3570 are fantastic washing machines. They are more expensive than other brands but compared with other LG washing machines, they are priced well. The style and design are great, and it is handy that you can stack them to save space.

Although the LG 3570 is the more expensive model, it would have been the winner had it not been for one thing. The fact that with both small amounts of powder and detergent pods you would sometimes get residue left behind meant that we would have to repeat the wash. This eliminated the speed of the washing machine and increased our workload. For the price, we hadn’t expected this.

Today’s winner is the LG 3370. It has plenty of programs and options, probably more than you will ever need. We didn’t notice the lack of additional technology and the most important thing is that it consistently washed all types of laundry very well.

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