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Graco LTS 17 vs X7: Which Mobile Paint Sprayer is Better?

Graco LTS 17 vs X7

Today, we shall be making comparisons between the Graco PROX17 vs X7.

The two products are both mobile paint sprayers.

They are very much different from the conventional paint sprayers we are used to.

These products are perfectly designed for painting indoors and outdoors.

Although these devices may perform functions similar to other paint sprayers, they possess certain qualities that stand them out.

The Graco LTS 17 and Graco X7 are high powered paint sprayers specifically designed for multifarious projects.

They are very useful to a cross-section of people interested in painting.

They can be used by professionals painters, property managers, homeowners, and even novices.

The devices are easy to operate by anyone. Not only that, they save us time, money and stress.

Their power capacities stand at about ¾ and 5/8 horsepower.

Graco LTS 17 and the Graco X7 have a lot of functions and usefulness but before we go into that,

let us make a comparison; bringing together side by side the features of the two paint sprayers.

Graco PROx17 vs x7: Video Comparison


Graco LTS 17 vs X7

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From the table of the comparison above, it is more noticeable that despite the various similarities between

both the Graco LTS 17 and the Graco X7, there still exists some disparities between them.

Therefore, the aim of this article is to explain the impact the features listed in the above table have on the devices.

Again, you would get to learn the pros and cons of these paint sprayers.

In the concluding part, it shall be decided which of the two paint sprayers is the best.

Without wasting too much of your time, let’s plunge into this.

Graco LTS 17 vs X7: Motor

Graco Magnum X7 comparison

The motor is the powerhouse of the two paint sprayers and what keeps the devices working.

Its power capacity invariably limits the functionality of the sprayers.

Without it, the two sprayers can’t work as they depend on it for operation.

Graco LTS 17

Graco LTS 17 comes with a powerful motor of 3/4  horsepower.

The motor is powerful enough to take you through a great deal of painting.

You can rely on it for a well-done job.

Graco X7

As for Graco X7, it is accompanied by a motor of 5/8 horsepower.

This is comparably low to that of Graco X7.

It is capable of generating lower power.

Winner: [The Graco LTS 17]

Graco LTS 17 vs X7: Performance Rating

Graco Magnum X7 review

The rate at which these paint sprayers work matters a lot.

It is very important to note that the speed and rate at which the

sprayers operate definitely affects how long we stay on the work.

Graco LTS 17

The rate at which Graco LTS 17 works stands at 0.34 gallons per minute.

This figure is perfect for work. Before we know it, we are done with the painting.

Graco X7

Graco X7, on the other side, performance rating is 0.31 gallons per minute.

That’s a whopping sum of 18.6 gallons in an hour.

Winner: [Graco LTS 17]

Graco LTS 17 vs X7: Maximum Tip Size


Differnent between Graco Lts 17 and Graco Magnum X7

The tip size is very important in both types of equipment.

The size of the tip size will definitely tell on the amount of work with the two paint sprayers.

It is the hallmark for how the sprayers dispense paint.

Graco LTS 17

Its maximum tip size is 0.017.

Graco X7

The Graco X7 has the capacity for 0.017 maximum tip size.

Winner: [Tie]

Graco LTS 17 vs X7: Maximum Pressure

Graco Lts 17

Every device has its limits of maximum pressure.

When the pressure is more than necessary, it follows that the device starts to malfunction.

For the users, frustration starts to fall in.

The Graco LTS 17 and the Graco X7 are not exempted. They have their own level of pressure too.

Graco LTS 17

The maximum amount of pressure on the Graco LTS 17 is 3000 psi.

Graco X7

On the other hand, the Graco X7 has the maximum pressure limit of 300psi.

There is no difference here.

Winner: [Tie]

Graco LTS 17 vs X7: Portability

Graco LTS 17 Review

One of the distinct features of Graco LTS 17 and Graco X7 that distinguishes them from

other paint sprayers is their mobile position.

They can be moved from one place to the other. This gives them the edge.

Graco LTS 17

The Graco LTS 17 comes with a cart.

The cart aids its movement and relieves its users of the stress of carrying it around.

Graco X7

The Graco X7 also has a cart.

It can be wheeled around with much ease.

Its mobility helps greatly in long stretch projects either indoors or outdoors.

Winner: [Tie]

Graco LTS 17 vs X7: Maximum Hose Length

Graco LTS 17 Comparison

The hose is the tube through which the paint flows.

This too is a very important feature and necessary for the proper functioning of our sprayers.

Graco LTS 17

Graco LTS 17 has an inbuilt hose of about 100 ft (30 cm) which allows us to

paint from a far distance or even walk further some 90ft away from our paint sprayer.

Graco X7

Graco X7 has the capability of 100ft long hose.

This gives way for flexibility in movement.

Winner: [Tie]

Graco LTS 17 vs X7: Suction Tube

The suction tube saves you the stress of filling and refilling the paint containers.

It permits the use of both 1 and 5-gallon containers.

You can simply place your bucket on a pail hook on the suction tube.

It can thereafter be carted around your work site.

Graco LTS 17

The Graco LTS 17 has the suction tube.

Graco X7

The Graco X7 also comes with the suction tube.

Winner: [Tie]

Pros and Cons

Graco LTS17


  • It is run by a 3/4 horsepower motor
  • It is a paint sprayer powered by electricity
  • It is mobile and can be moved around
  • It pumps directly 1 or 5-gallon paint.
  • It is ideal for interior and exterior application especially when using medium coatings or below.


  • They require more electricity.
  • They are heavier to carry.

Graco X7


  • It runs with a 5/8 horsepower motor.
  • It is a paint sprayer powered by electricity.
  • It has the advantage of reaching higher places that are hard to paint.
  • It allows a bigger bucket of paint for user’s convenience.
  • It is easy to move around.
  • It can be used for a lot of tasks.
  • It is designed for usage by a lot of people.


  • Heavy substances could block it.
  • It can also produce overspray.
  • It is is not cut out for professionals.


In conclusion, the Graco LTS 17 and the Graco X7 are obviously great high quality mobile paint sprayers.

However, the Graco LTS 17 is a much more superior device.

Despite their numerous similarities, the Graco LTS 17 is more powerful than the Graco X7.

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