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Rowenta DW5080 vs DW8080: Which Steam Iron is Better?

Rowenta DW5080 vs DW8080

Irons are indispensable appliances in all homes, with the help of their functions, we keep our clothes clean and tidy. In this article, we will compare the similarities and differences between Rowenta’s irons, Rowenta DW5080 VS DW8080.

So, you’re in the market for a new Rowenta steam iron? Maybe because your old one has finally died out after years of use, or you need to finally replace that hand-me-down from grandma! Either way, there are some fantastic features these Rowenta steam irons have, and the goal of this article is to help you choose the one that is best for you! These steam irons do not just give you an easy experience, but also offer up perfect results with every press down on its steamy surface.

We will focus on the appearance, features, characteristics, quality, and safety of these devices. We will do our best to give you a clear picture of the quality of these two appliances.

Pros and cross-list will help you get a deeper picture of certain details, and at the very end of the article, we will come to our final verdict, which product is better.

Rowenta DW5080 vs DW8080

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Rowenta has been offering high quality and durable products to its customers for many years now. It is important to note that Rowenta’s one of the first companies that started iron production in Europe.
Before deciding which characteristics and functions are better, let’s first talk about the similarities that set them apart from other irons.

Rowenta DW8080 Review

Their quality has been recognizing for years, and when we talk about the features of the DW5080 and DW8080 irons, we can see that Rowenta has made every effort to bring high quality, modern and advanced features to its customers.

Both irons have stainless steel soleplate, which is scratch resistant. This soleplate allows you easy gliding across different garments, so you can be sure you will get perfect results.

The soleplate has evenly distributed 400 tiny steam holes. This feature also separates Rowenta from others, first of all, it is important to note that Rowenta is the only company that produces over 300 steam holes on the soleplate, other companies vary between 250-300, but this company produces as many as 400. Rowenta recognized very quickly that this feature is very important to the customers, so she decided to patent her invention.

With these irons, you will not have to worry about buying distilled water, because they come with an anti-calc system, so it is quite safe to pour plain water, and you do not have to worry about damaging your iron. In addition, these irons have a self-cleaning system, so your irons will always look clean and new.

It often happens that we forget if we left the iron on, Rowenta found a solution to this problem as well. The auto-switch off is a great feature for those who are forgetful. If the iron is in the vertical position and has not been used for more than 8 minutes, it will switch off, as long as the iron is left in the horizontal position, it will switch off after 30 minutes.

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In the following sections of the text, we will talk about the differences between the Rowenta DW5080 and DW8080.


Rowenta DW8080 COmparison

Rowenta DW5080

The DW5080 is 11 x 5 x 6 inches and weighs 3.4 pounds without water; the color of this iron is brown with white accessories. Although 3.4 pounds may seem too heavy for iron, on the other hand, you can expect a great result, that is why we believe that you will soon forget about the weight of this iron.

However, it is important to note that this iron is not suitable for those who are traveling, as it will certainly take up a lot of space in your suitcase.

Rowenta DW8080

The DW8080 is 11 x 5 x 6 inches and weighs 3.5 pounds without water; this iron comes in dark blue color with white details.

The winner is Rowenta DW8080! Although there is a very small difference in weight, we decided to give the DW8080 lead this time. The look of this iron is much prettier and more cheerful, and we are sure that you will love ironing with this iron.


Rowenta DW5080 Review

Both irons allow you to adjust the amount of steam; the only difference is in the amount of steam the irons produce.

Rowenta DW5080

DW5080 produces just 100g / min, this model provides excellent steam distribution. It has easy control thermostat knob-easily select the ideal steam output based on fabric.

Rowenta DW8080

The DW8080 produces 150g / min. As an added feature, the DW8080 comes with a cool spray mist, which will help us eliminate wrinkles located at the edges of shirts or pants.

The winner is DW8080! We are sure that a large amount of steam can not harm your ironing if you want your clothes to be perfectly ironed without any creases, then the right choice for you is the DW8080.


The water tank of the DW5080 holds 10 ounces and the DW8080 will hold 12.7 ounces.

The winner is Rowenta DW8080!! The water tank is a very important feature of ironing, in this case, a 12.7ounces tank allows us to add more water. We don’t have to pour a new amount of water every day, because, with this size of the tank, you will forget the last time you poured water into the iron.


Rowenta DW5080 Comparison

Rowenta DW5080

It has a soft-touch rear when you leave your iron in a vertical position, you won’t have to worry about tipping over to do damage.

Rowenta DW8080

It carries a comfortable handle that is ergonomically designed and comes with 7 feet. With this accessory, you can easily rotate the iron. Another added benefit is that the Rowenta DW5080 has a 360º swivel cord. This iron also has cool spray mist which will provide a light mist that will help you remove stubborn wrinkles.

The winner is Rowenta DW8080! The reason is simple- comfort. After a few hours of ironing, each of us feels pain in our hands, so this supplement is perfect for people who iron every day. In addition, electrical cables can be very dangerous, so the swivel cord provides us with a certain amount of security.


Rowenta DW5080

Rowenta DW5080


  • The soft-touch rear base provides stability and security
  • It weighs less than DW8080


  • It has a smaller water tank
  • It has a smaller amount of steam
  • We really miss the 360º swivel cord
  • It doesn’t have cool spray

Rowenta DW8080

Rowenta DW8080


  • The high amount of steam which will help you forget about persistent wrinkles
  • The larger water tank, so you don’t have to pour water every day
  • Comfort grip, so you don’t have to worry about painful hands
  • 360º swivel cord will help you to fill safe and secure


  • This model doesn’t have a soft touch rare base


We are sure that after our pros and cons list you are aware which one is our favorite and that is Rowenta DW8080.

These two models have a very similar appearance, that is why we did not expect to find many differences between them, but we did find them. In the beginning, the color of the Rowenta DW8080 is much prettier and happier than the Rowenta DW5080. There are also a number of other advantages to the DW8080 which helped us to make this decision.

The size of the water tank was one of the decisive factors for our decision; with the DW8080, it is much larger, so with this iron, you no longer have to worry about pouring water, the size of your tank will make you forget about it.

The Rowenta DW8080 has many accessories, which gave this model advantage and some of them are swivel electric cord and comfortable handle. Rowenta has been taking care of its customers for years, so when using their irons you don’t have to worry about your safety. Electric cables can be very dangerous, that is why swivel electric cord is a great addition to those who are clumsy.

At Rowenta, the comfort and safety of customers are very important. We all know that ironing is a very difficult job and nobody likes it. That is why the Rowenta DW8080 has a comfortable handle, which will ensure excellent mobility of this iron.

We are sure that if you buy this iron, you will not regret it, Rowenta has worked hard to give its customers modern, comfortable and enjoyable ironing experience.

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