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Toto K300 vs C200: Which Electric Toilet Seat is Better?

toto k300 vs toto c200

Here we are going to compare the Toto K300 vs C200 Washlet bidet systems. Toto is one of the largest electric toilet seat manufacturers in the world, if not the largest. They have over 45 years of experience in manufacturing bidet cleansing systems with over 50 million items sold. Toto’s electric toilet seats are registered under the “WASHLET” Trademark Name. That name became so recognized that many started to use it to describe any electric toilet seat! The company boasts that the Toto Washlet is a “highly advanced system in hygiene and comfort”. Before we dive into comparing the Toto K300 vs C200 Washlet bidet systems we would like to first speak more about the Toto brand. For this we have provided this short video.

Toto WASHLET Functionality Video


What are some of the benefits of owning a Toto Washlet bidet?

First off, by using a bidet you are helping the environment. How? According to the Scientific American article: “Wipe or Wash? Do Bidets Save Forest and Water Resources?” bidets are considered to be “a key green technology” by helping to reduce:

  • Toilet paper usage. (Americans use approximately 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper annually.)
  • Tree harvesting. (15 million trees are harvested annually to produce toilet paper.)
  • Water usage. (It takes 473,587,500,000 gallons of water to produce all that toilet paper.)
  • Chlorine production. (Toilet paper production requires 253,000 tons of chlorine for bleaching.)

What are some of the personal benefits of using a bidet? In the Web MD article: “Are There Health Benefits to Using a Bidet?” they list some of the personal benefits of using bidets.

  • more hygienic than toilet paper
  • could potentially limit your germ spread
  • could lower your risk of hemorrhoids

Last but not least is your elevated  overall feeling clean compared to wiping with paper alone. Some Toto washlet bidets provide warm water sprays for your increased comfort. Your experience is complete with soothing warm air drying.

In this article, we are going to compare Toto K300 vs C200. They both come from the same manufacturer.  Toto is amongst the world’s largest electric toilet seat manufacturers, if not the largest. With over 45 years of experience in the field and over 50 million of these items sold, it represents a force to be reckoned with for all the potential competitors. Their electric toilet seats come under the “WASHLET” Trademark Name, and it became so recognizable that many people use that word to describe any electric toilet seat.

Toto k300 vs Toto c200

In comparing these two Toto bidet models we will take a close look at several key characteristics that are of most importance:

  • Overall Work Performance.
  • Comfort and Capacity. Is there a limit to how many washes it can perform in a row?  How long will the next user need wait before the water gets warm again?
  • Ease of use and to clean. How intuitive are they to learn? How difficult are they to clean?
  • Design. Will they look out of place in your decor? Are they compatible with most toilet types?
  • Price. These are higher end bidets but are the higher prices justified?
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Toto k300 vs Toto c200: Work Performance

Toto K300

Thanks to features such as front and rear warm water cleaning with adjustable temperature and pressure settings, this electric toilet seat does its job well.

The K300 uses EWAVE technology that transforms water into a powerful but safe compound by using electrolyzed water generated by a technologically advanced process. This helps to keep the inside and outside of the wand clean before and after every use.

Toto c100 review

For drying, there is an adjustable warm air dryer, which is mild and pleasant.

Toto  C200

This Washlet is an improved version of the Toto C100 model, so it has all the features of that model, and then some. The same features are the Pre-mist function, AIR-IN WONDER WAVE technology, front and rear wash, many different temperatures and pressure settings.

Toto C200 review

The winner is Toto K300, because of the superior EWAVE over the AIR-IN WONDER WAVE technology.


Toto’s Pre-mist Function Video


Toto k300 vs Toto c200: Comfort and Capacity

Toto K300

This is a tankless instant heater model, so it is not as bulky as the water tank models.
Perfect comfort is secured by the adjustable heating control, and powerful deodorizing system, which many users describe as excellent. After you are done, the soft-close mechanism will prevent the lid from slamming down.

Toto c200

The shape is very similar, so the position is alike. The water-tank system will enable warm water flow immediately, but it will make the seat somewhat bulky, and with a smaller seat opening.

Toto C200

Heated seat with three levels of temperature so you won’t be cold. This model is also equipped with a soft-close lid mechanism. What some users complain about is the rim on the cover. It is there to completely cover the set when it is closed, but when it is opened, it can poke in the back people who like to lean back when sitting on the toilet.

The winner is: K300.

Is it Easy To Use And Clean?

Toto K300

A special feature of Toto K300 is the Pre-mist function. Before use, the toilet bowl is sprayed with a thin layer of water, so no waste would stick to the ceramics, thus making flushing more effective.

toto k300 premist

Toto C200

This model is controlled by a remote, there are no controls attached to the seat. The remote has a nice and clean design, with easily understandable options. Very nice thing is that it can remember settings for two users, so you don’t have to adjust every time. Cleaning is just as easy, and the nozzle is self-cleaning, performing auto clean before and after each use.

Toto C200 Comparison

Predominant complaint is about installation and the famous T fitting. You may have to buy some extra rubber washers in order to install the Toto C200 correctly.

The winner is: A Tie because both have a good remote controller and memorizes two user settings.

Toto k300 vs Toto c200: Design

Toto K300

There is hardly any room for avant-garde design when it comes to toilet seats. But we feel that the tankless design gives the K300 a sleeker look over tank basin designs.

Different between Toto C100 and C200


Toto C200

The design is like C100, with the difference of lacking the attached control board. This makes it nicer to look at if you are interested in looking at the toilet seat. Anyway, the remote control makes it look more contemporary, so it is a plus.

Toto C200 compares with Toto C100

The practical design is good. The Toto C200 can be attached to almost all elongated toilet bowls, except the ones that have a curve where the bowl meets the flush-tank.

The winner is Toto K300 because of the tankless design

Toto k300 vs Toto c200: Price

Toto K300

The prices in this category range from $100 and up to $1000 and more. This model sits about in the middle of this range and a bit higher than the C200.

Toto C200

This model comes with a price that sets it right about the middle of the price range. Considering the characteristics and the pedigree, it can definitely be called a sensible choice.

The winner is Toto C200 because of the lower price.

Pros and Cons

Toto K300


  • A brand name product
  • An additional wide front cleansing option

  • Instant and continuous warm water flow

  • A slimmer design


  •  Higher price.

Toto C200


  •  A brand name product
  • Easy to use
  • Remote controls
  • It can remember two user settings
  • Many functions and features


  • Installation may require more time than expected and additional rubber washers for the T fitting.

Video Comparison

Final Verdict

Toto K300 won the competition because its sleeker design, instant and continuous warm water flow and its additional front cleansing feature. We feel that the higher price is well worth it for these features.

The bottom line is: These are both good products, whichever you choose you won’t go wrong.

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