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Vornado 7503 vs 660: Which Air Circulator is Better?

Vornado 7503 vs 660

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, there is nothing better than being able to circulate the air in a room. While the Vornado 7503 and the Vornado 660 aren’t cooling fans, they do help to regulate the temperature in a room and even better, prevent the sensation of stale air. The Vornado 7503 and the Vornado 660 are designed to move air around a room. Most people like to open the windows to their homes for a bit of ventilation. These two circulators will help push the cool, fresh air around the room, essentially saving you money on air conditioning. The same said when you have to heat your home; they will move the warm air for even distribution. This article will cover the ins and outs of the Vornado 7503 vs 660. We will look at their appearance, functions, ease of use and value for money. We will include some pros and cons so you are able to decide the best one for you.

Vornado 7503 vs 660 – Video Comparisons




Here is how the two circulator fans are similar:

Vornado 7503 vs 660 – Similarities

Vortex Action

The Vornado 7503 and the Vornado 660 have a unique airflow system called Vortex Action. This pushes air in a circular motion to a maximum of 100ft. Once the air hits a wall or surface, the air then circulates to the left and the right. Both units are energy efficient.

The Grill

The AirTensity spiral grill is specially designed to create a spiral effect, helping the air to move even further around the room. The grill is made of durable plastic and is easily removed for cleaning.

The Blades

Onside both the Vornado 7503 and the Vornado 660 there are 3 deep pitch blades. They are heavily contoured which is another feature that helps to move the most amount of air possible.

Inlet Air Accelerator

Another feature of the Vornado 7503 and the Vornado 660 is the inlet air accelerator. This inlet will direct air to the most efficient part of the blade. Again making these extremely energy efficient air circulators.


Both of these air circulators from Vornado come with a 5-year limited warranty. The warranty is only valid in the country in which you bought it.

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As you can see, there are quite a few similarities, more specifically related to technology. Now we will focus on how they differ.

Differences Between Vornado 7503 and Vornado 660

Vornado 7503 vs 660: Appearance

Granted, there is not a great deal of difference in how they look in pictures. Both have a shiny black gloss finish. The size isn’t quite the same.

Vornado 660 comparison

Vornado 7503

Despite extensive research, it was difficult to get the exact product dimensions. We know that it is 17 inches high, so being larger than the Vornado 660; we can assume it is heavier too.

Vornado 660

It measures 11.8 x 13.5 x 15 inches. It weighs 7.32lbs. There should be no issues moving it from one room to the next. It comes with a 6ft power cord.

The Winner Is- The Vornado 660

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Vornado 7503 vs 660: Speed Settings

The more options you have the easier it is to set the air circulator to your exact preferences.

Vornado 7503

This comes with 3-speed settings.

Vornado 660

The bonus here is you will have 4-speed settings.

The Winner Is- The Vornado 660

Vornado 660 review

Vornado 7503 vs 660: Noise Levels

Gone are the days of giant fans that sound like you are next to airplane propellers.  Both of these are really quiet and suitable for bedrooms without interrupting your sleep.

Vornado 7503

Unfortunately, we are still lacking information here. We know that it is whisper quiet.

Vornado 660

On the highest setting, there is a maximum of 52db. It’s like listening to your washing machine from 100 feet away.

The Winner Is- The Vornado 660

Vornado 7503 Review

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Pros and Cons

Just before you present our final opinions, we have a few pros and cons to help you with any final doubts.

 Vornado 7503

Vornado 7503


  • It comes with integrated cord storage which helps keep things tidy
  • We liked the silicone feet that prevented it from slipping.
  • You can use it both horizontally and vertically


  • It’s awful to keep clean, fingerprints are very obvious on the glossy finish

Vornado 660

Vornado 660


  • It’s great value for money
  • Small and compact so it’s easier to switch rooms
  • Nice amount of airflow even on just the first setting


  • It’s also difficult to clean; it attracts a lot of dust

The Final Verdict

It’s important to state again here that the Vornado 7503 and the Vornado 660 are not fans. They aren’t designed to replace air conditioners. They are air circulators. It’s a shame there wasn’t a little more specific information on the Vornado 7503. We aren’t sure about the exact size, the RPM, or decibels. That being said, we know that it has the right technology and that it does a great job. In terms of design, they are both great-looking machines. They are modern looking and the shiny gloss finish is lovely until someone touches either of them.

The technology they both have is brilliant. The design of the blades to push more air, the inlet accelerator, and of course the Vortex Action are all features that make the Vornado stand out from other brands.

In the end, we went with the Vornado 660. We felt that it has exactly the same technology so functioned equally well. What made us choose the Vornado 660 was the size. It was nicer having something that didn’t occupy as much space. It also helped that it was cheaper than the Vornado 7503.

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