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Samsung KU6300 vs KU7000: Which Ultra HD Smart LED TV is Better?

Samsung KU6300 vs KU7000

Televisions are another example of just how far technology has come. Colors are brighter, images are sharper, and we can now connect our TVs with multiple other devices. Samsung has been at the forefront of the TV revolution, especially with the Samsung KU6300 and the Samsung KU700.

We are going to compare the Samsung KU6300 and the Samsung KU700, looking at their features, appearance, and specifications. We will put all of the details in a comparison chart for easy viewing and finish off with some pros and cons for each.

There are plenty of similarities, so let’s begin here.

Samsung KU6300 vs KU7000 – Similarities

Quick Glance

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TV Types

The Samsung KU6300 and the Samsung KU700 are Smart LED TVs. They are UHD and have 4K resolution. Both of the TVs are Smart TVs with built-in wi-fi. All of your devices that are connected to the same network can be controlled via the Samsung Smart Remote, making it a simplified smart TV experience.

Samsung KU6300 Comparison

HDR Premium

This stands for High Dynamic Range which allows for a higher dynamic range of luminosity. It is the contrast between the lightest and the darkest colors. The Samsung KU6300 and the Samsung KU700 support Ultra Blue-Ray. HDR content, HDR streaming.

Upscaling Picture Engine

Not all of the content that we watch has the same quality as today’s images. With the upscaling picture engine, the quality of old content will be far better with the Samsung KU6300 and the Samsung KU700.


The Samsung KU6300 and the Samsung KU700 both have UHD Dimming which optimizes the color, contrast, and sharpness of the images. The Samsung KU6300 comes with Pure Color and the Samsung KU700 Active Crystal Color. These features both make the colors more vivid and lifelike.

Cloud Gaming

If you don’t have a games console, you will be able to use the Samsung KU6300 and the Samsung KU700 to access games straight from the cloud. Then, you can enjoy an amazing gaming experience from your big screen.

Smart View App

Maybe you want to see your videos and photos on the Samsung KU6300 or the Samsung KU700. You might even want to watch a series from your TV on your mobile or tablet. With the Smart View App, you can easily share content between devices on the same wi-fi network.


Just in case not everything in your home is wireless, the Samsung KU6300 and the Samsung KU700 both have 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports.


The Samsung KU6300 and the Samsung KU700 have one-year limited warranties. They are limited to the US and are valid for parts and labor.

Differences Between Samsung KU6300 and Samsung KU7000


Samsung KU6300 Review

Although both TVs are 65”, they have slightly different dimensions and a very small difference in their design.

The Samsung KU6300

The measurements with the stand are 57.6 x 35.7 x 14.5 inches. The depth of the TV without the stand is 2.5 inches at the top and the bottom. It weighs 56.9 pounds.

The Samsung KU700

With the stand, this TV is 57.3 x 36.1 x 14.9 inches. Without the stand, the depth is 2.1 inches but much thinner at the top. It weighs 58.91 pounds.

The Winner Is- A Tie

Refresh Rate

Samsung KU7000 Comparison

The refresh rate is the number of frames per second that come across the screen. It makes a difference to the smoothness of the images.

The Samsung KU6300

This has a refresh rate of 60Hz.

The Samsung KU700

The refresh rate is much faster at 120Hz.

The Winner Is- The Samsung KU7000

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Pros and Cons

It might be down to the pros and cons to decide which of these two Samsung TVs is the better buy.

Samsung KU6300

Samsung KU6300 Review


  • It’s an excellent choice for gamers
  • Set up was easy, as well as signing into existing accounts via Wi-Fi and the Smart View App
  • Amazing picture quality and colors


  • The software needs to be improved

Samsung KU7000

Samsung KU7000


  • Interface and navigation are both good
  • It has amazing Smart features
  • The Active crystal color does deliver incredible images


  • The picture quality should be better for the price of the TV

The Final Verdict

Really, only those with the keenest eye are going to be able to see the difference in these TVs. In terms of size and weight, they were too close to consider either one having an advantage. The design is also very similar although we felt the Samsung KU7000 was slightly sleeker.

The Smart functions were great on both TVs. We felt that they were easy to set up and the connection was generally excellent. It’s very handy having just one control for everything. We also liked the app as it had the same quality as all of Samsung’s products.

While the color of both TVs was fantastic, the picture quality of the Samsung KU 6300 was superior. We noticed a slightly smoother picture with the Samsung KU7000, but it wasn’t enough to make up for the lower picture quality.

We appreciated the HR Premium and the Upscaling Picture Engine. On both the TVs we felt their contrast, color, and sharpness of the images was better.

The final decision came down to value for money. We know that the TVs are going to be of excellent quality with top-class materials and durability. The one-year warranty was a little short for the price of the TVs, however, made sealed the deal for us was the fact that the Samsung KU7000 is a couple of hundred dollars more expensive and we struggled to see where this extra cost had gone. For that reason, the Samsung KU6300 was today’s overall winner.

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