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Samsung u28e510d vs u28e590d: Which Samsung Monitor is Better?

Samsung u28e510d vs u28e590d

Samsung is synonymous with high-quality screens for a range of activities, from simply watching TV to mobiles. This review is going to cover two of the Samsung monitors, which both have a variety of users. The Samsung u28e510d and u28e590d are monitors that can be used to watch your films, carry out work tasks, and of course for gaming. In fact, these two monitors are ideal for an enhanced gaming experience. We are going to cover what they have in common and how they differ. We will take a close look at the specifications and place all of the information ins a comparison chart.

Towards the end of the review, we will look at some additional pros and cons before our final verdict. However, let’s begin by focusing on how the Samsung u28e510d vs u28e590d are similar.

Samsung u28e510d vs u28e590d – Similarities

Quick Glance
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Samsung u28e590d Review

It is impossible to tell the difference between the Samsung u28e510d and the Samsung u28e590d. They are both incredibly sleek and modern looking. They have 28” screens with the full dimensions at 26.01 x 18.44 x 7.36 inches. Without the stand, the moistures weigh 10.36 pounds. With the T-shaped stand, they weigh 11.61 pounds.

On the back of each, there are two HDMI inputs and a display port. There is also a 3.5mm audio outlet to attach your headphones.

Image Quality

Both the monitors are ultra-high-definition (UHD), this is four times higher than Full HD. The Samsung Samsung u28e510d and the Samsung u28e590d provide amazing images with 8 million pixels. They are also 4K monitors, so you can experience the most life-like images. On top of this, the Samsung EU510 and the Samsung u28e590d have over 1 billion colors, 64 times more than traditional monitors. The tones on your screen are richer, natural, and allow for smoother transitions.

The screens have a resolution of 3840 x 2160.

Monitor Brightness

The brightness of a monitor is measured in cd/m2, candelas per square meter. The cd/m2 for average monitors can be between 250 and 350cd/m2. The Samsung u28e510d and the Samsung u28e590d has a brightness of 370cd/m2. Aside from this, there is a static contrast ratio of 1000:1. This is the difference in light intensity between the lightest and darkest colors.

AMD FreeSync

Both the Samsung u28e510d and the Samsung u28e590d are equipped with AMD FreeSync.this technology syncs the rate the screen is refreshed with the frame rate, so your images have minimal latency and reduced image tearing and stutter. This is an exceptional feature for gamers. Movements on the screen will be smoother with less blur, judder, and ghosting with a 1ms response time.

Picture-in-Picture 2.0

If you are a multitasker, either the Samsung u28e510d and the Samsung u28e590d is the perfect choice for you. The PIP 2.0 technology lets you work on two screens simultaneously. If you are watching a film and you need to fix a spreadsheet for work, you can open two screens. Both of the screens maintain the original resolution and you can even change the size and position of each PIP window.

Eye Saver Mode

Whether you’re working for hours or participating in a gaming marathon, after some time our eyes become tired and you notice the strain. With the Eye Saver Mode in the Samsung u28e510d and the Samsung u28e590d, the amount of blue light emitted is reduced, increasing your enjoyment and comfort. You can also benefit from flicker-free monitors.


If you have use windows or Mac you will be able to connect the Samsung u28e510d and the Samsung u28e590d monitor.


If you choose the Samsung u28e510d or the Samsung u28e590d, you will receive a 1-year warranty.

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Differences Between Samsung u28e510d and Samsung u28e590d

There are a great number of similarities, but we still have a few differences between the two.

Game Mode

Samsung u28e590d Comparison

Both of these Samsung Monitors already provide amazing gaming experiences, but with Samsungs Game Mode you can further enhance the experience.

Samsung u28e510d

This motor comes with the option to the turn game mode on (and it will switch off when the monitor goes to sleep), always-on, or always off.

Samsung u28e590d

This monitor doesn’t have Game Mode

The Winner Is- The Samsung u28e510d

Magic Upscale

Samsung u28e510d Comparison

Another specific feature that Samsung has developed if Magic Upscale. This technology will stop any image deflation while scaling up.

Samsung u28e510d

It doesn’t come with Magic Upscale

Samsung u28e590d

Each picture layer on the monitor is enhanced, providing an incredibly vivid image, far sharper than what you would notice on a pc.

The Winner Is- The Samsung u28e590d

What’s Included

Samsung u28e510d Review

When you buy a monitor, there isn’t a great deal of accessories that you will need. However, Samsung still includes some extras to add to the value for money.

Samsung u28e510d

You will receive an installation CD with the manual, a quick setup guide, a warranty card, a power cable, and a display port cable.

Samsung u28e590d

The monitor also comes with the installation CD and instructions, the quick setup guide, the warranty card, a power cable, and a display port. You will also get an HDMI cable.

The Winner Is- The Samsung u28e590d

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Pros and Cons

As you can see, the two monitors are very alike. The following pros and cons will highlight any further differences.

Samsung u28e510d

Samsung u28e510d


  • Samsung has managed to produce what many consider is a budget 4K UHD monitor
  • The settings are easy to adjust to suit your preferences
  • Absolutely amazing picture color and quality


  • The display port cable is short, and not the best quality

Samsung u28e590d

Samsung u28e590d



  • We liked the sturdiness of the monitor, especially the T-shaped stand
  • It wakes up automatically when you wake up your computer
  • The viewing angles are impressive


  • Some have noticed a high-frequency pitch, which is annoying

The Final Verdict

It is safe to say that if you choose either the Samsung u28e510d or the Samsung u28e590d, you will have a monitor that provides outstanding picture quality and color. The image motion is smooth and gamers will be able to make the most of the speed of the monitors, the same can be said if you like to use the monitors to watch films/series.

We liked the features that both of the Samsung monitors came with. After using the monitors for extended periods of time we noticed the difference thanks to the Eye Saver Mode. We felt that these are great options if you work on your computer. This is also true with the PIP 2.0 technology. If you are the type of person who receives lots of work interruptions while you are trying to enjoy a video game, opening two screens is fantastic.

Both the monitors are great looking. They have been designed with simplicity so that your attention is on the screen rather than the design. As they both look the same, we couldn’t base our final decision on this. As the specifics regarding resolution, brightness, color, and static contrast ratio were also the same, this didn’t affect our choice.

The Samsung EU150 comes with the gains mode feature, whereas the Samsung u28e590d comes with Magic Upscale. As the monitors are both exceptional, we didn’t feel that either of these features made enough of a difference for us.

The overall winner today is the Samsung u28e510d, and it came down to two things. The only noticeable advantage of the Samsung u28e590d (despite being advertised as the superior model) was that it comes with an HDMI cable. Most of us already have at least one at home and you can also pick one up cheaply nowadays. The Samsung u28e590dis quite a bit cheaper, and for this reason, we felt that it was a better monitor. There was no feature that the u28e590d has which would encourage us to pay the extra money.

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